Female Aphrodisiac

Female Aphrodisiac

Female Aphrodisiac
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Female Aphrodisiac

A female aphrodisiac is a sexual stimulant derived from various substances including herbal supplements, creams, foods and even certain aromas. Some women use sexual stimulant products to add something different to their sex lives while others actually need a hormonal supplement like men use erectile dysfunction pills to help them achieve sexual stimulation.

A female aphrodisiac is a sexual stimulant.Sexual Stimulation
When hormones are balanced, sexual stimuli signals pass from the limbic lobe often referred to as the "pleasure center" of the brain to the sexual organs. Neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and dopamine then release pleasurable arousing messages throughout a woman's body.

Sexual Dysfunction
Some factors related to sexual dysfunction in women include; stress, illness and aging. These conditions can affect our body's ability to produce certain chemicals responsible for sexual desire. Sometimes women need the aid of a female aphrodisiac to assist or improve their sexual stimulation.

A female aphrodisiac can help relieve stress.Stress
Stress is a common factor amongst women in today's world. Many women juggling both a career and a family have little energy left to devote to a relationship. When stress catches up to a woman it often has an effect on her sexual drive.

When an illness causes a woman to lose her sexual appetite she may not feel very sexy or desirable. Sometimes a sexual stimulant in the form of a female aphrodisiac can help her to lose some of her inhibitions and relax enough to enjoy lovemaking.

As a woman ages, important hormones such as estrogen and testosterone responsible for sexual drive begin to decrease; as a result a woman's sexual appetite also diminishes.

Whether your sexual desire is lagging due to stress, illness or because of a decline in necessary hormones there are many sexual stimulants on the market that can act as a female aphrodisiac. Certain vitamins and minerals found in foods, herbal remedies, and even exercise can raise the levels of hormones to enhance a woman's sexual desire.

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Aphrodisiac Recipes

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