Is it possible to buy Levitra over the counter from online pharmacies?

buy Levitra over the counterYes. It is possible to buy Levitra and other ED medications over the counter. But it is not legal to buy this medication without a prescription. This is because FDA on approving this ED medication has listed it under the schedule IV category. Hence it cannot be bought without a proper medical advice. Due to its addiction potential and abusing property it has been licensed to sell with a valid medical submission. It is undertaken in the concern of the patient’s health. So, it is advised to visit the doctor and discuss the health problem and get prescribed with Levitra.

Getting Levitra Rx

Getting Levitra prescription from doctors

Visit the doctor in person. Schedule your time to visit the doctor to get an appointment. Explain in detail about the sexual troubles you are facing. Without hassle report the problems, allergic reactions, previous medical history, current medication, and side effects. Based on the information given at the time of consultant the doctor can able to analyze the condition and suggest the prescription. Using this prescription you can procure Levitra from any online pharmacy.

Getting Levitra online Rx from online doctors

You can meet the online doctor available on the internet. As the normal consultation, it will make you feel relaxed and comfortable to explain the trouble and ED problems. If needed, they will ask for the medical reports. And you need to submit a valid medical report without fail. Make sure the reports and information you have given are true and correct.

Buying Levitra using Rx

  • Using prescription to buy Levitra is as easy as buying it as OTC. If you have done with your above-mentioned process you can easily procure this medication.
  • As general visit your nearby pharmacy. Submit your pharmacy to them and mention the number of pills needed. He needed Levitra medication will be given.
  • If you have taken online consultation and has procured internet Rx then you can get the photocopy of it to get Levitra from local pharmacies.
  • Or you can readily upload the Rx once get to add Levitra to the cart. This
  • Vardenafil medication can be check for the availability and can easily purchase it from online pharmacies.
  • You can also use this online prescription to buy Levitra at any local pharmacies.Buying Levitra using Rx

Following any of the above prescription method to order Levitra is completely legal. By adopting any of the above technique you can purchase this medication online. If you feel any hesitation to explain your ED trouble to the doctor. You can choose the alternate method of buying from online pharmacies. This will eliminate the need to get Levitra over the counter.