How the low dose of Levitra protects the heart?

Levitra protects heartLevitra among other drugs like it including Viagra is used for treating ED but in its class, it is the second drug which is used to protect the heart as well. This protection is mainly against tissue damage that is caused by a heart attack. This is as per the experiments which were conducted and the animal research studies as well. Levitra, being an ED drug, has this great potential to protect the tissues of the heart, which is why it is usually prescribed by doctors to heart patients before and after their heart surgery. People usually buy Levitra online from reputed mail-order pharmacies which provides features like overnight delivery of the drug, so that people can get hold of the drug quickly to treat their heart-related problems.

What does Levitra do?

As per the research findings, Levitra or testosterone boosters which is also known as PDE-5 inhibitor is used for cardiac protection as it induces an effect that protects the injury caused by a heart attack by the opening of the mitochondrial KATP channel. The PDE-5 is the enzyme which is responsible for destroying cGMP which is a messenger molecule for intracellular messages in the cells of the heart. Thus the heart is preconditioned post a heart attack. In addition to this, the arteries of the body are dilated due to these effects of Levitra and so the cGMP are preserved. The mitochondria are stabilized due to this and it is also protected against damage. That is the main reason why Levitra is used for prevention, as well as a post heart attack medication, to help heal the injury caused or at least limit and decrease the damage.

To whom is Levitra given?

The patients who have high-risk for acute heart attacks or those who are undergoing bypass surgery of the coronary artery are given this Levitra medication. Levitra is also being studied if this can be given to those who suffer from ischemic injury and so the liver, brain, and other organs can be protected. This injury is when there is a lack of oxygen reaching those organs.

Levitra versus nitroglycerine for heart protection

Levitra and other drugs for erectile dysfunction are possibly better than nitroglycerin when the heart needs to be protected from damage either before the heart attack or after it. The reasons are that when there is a heart attack, the heart muscle and tissue are deprived of oxygen, which damages them. The treatment given to the patients helps to repair or helps in reducing the damage which is caused and slowly increases their chances of living their life cycle. Normally, nitroglycerin is prescribed for chest pain, it works by dilating the blood vessels, so the flow of blood improves. That is the reason that nitroglycerin is the drug administered to patients who suffer from angina and chest pain.

When research was conducted on an animal model, it was found that Levitra and other erectile dysfunction medication reduced this damage even though nitroglycerin failed.

When is Levitra Given?

Levitra GivenLevitra for the protection of the heart is given before the attack as well as post the attack to reduce the injury caused. Levitra is given as an adjunct for those patients who undergo elective procedures such as bypass grafts for the coronary artery, coronary angioplasty or even heart transplants. It can also be given to prevent damage to multiple organs post a cardiac arrest and resuscitation or shock.