What all should you discuss with your doctor before taking Levitra?

taking levitraLevitra is the brand name for generic drug Vardenafil.  It relaxes the muscles of blood vessels and increases blood flow to penis and helps in getting a firm and sustained erection.  Specifically, it is used in treat erectile dysfunction in male. People buy Levitra from Canadian pharmacies so that they can get hold of the drug in quick time to treat their problem.

One must have confusion as to what to discuss with the doctor before starting Levitra.  Here is some information about what you should ask your doctor before taking Levitra.


Levitra may be age specific as sexual activities and may not be recommended for age above 65 years as they can have severe heart problems.


People with any medical history may be current or past medication should discuss it with the physician as the interaction of Vardenafil with some drugs may cause severely law blood pressure.

Let your medical advisor know about all your allergies including that of Vardenafil.

Do not forget to discuss about your cardiac disorders as sexual activities produces excess stress over your heart.
If you have suffered from either of stroke, heart attack or congestive heart failure within last 6 months, inform your doctor about it before starting the medication.

Discuss with your doctor about any medication for erectile dysfunction or any antibiotic, antifungal medicine, high blood pressure medicines or medicines for prostate disorders or HIV / AIDS medicines. This list may include other drugs like prescription or OTC or even herbal supplements to avoid allergic reactions caused by interaction of these drugs with Vardenafil.

Ask your doctor when you should use Levitra.  Usually, it is used one hour prior to the sexual activities.
Do not forget to inform your medical advisor about your diabetic condition before starting Levitra as it increases the chance of permanent loss of vision in one or both eyes.


You should seek immediate medical help in case you feel any of the following side effects which may vary from person to person depending upon his physical condition.

The side effects are divided into Common and Less Common to make you understand about its seriousness.

Side effects like arm, back, jaw or eye pain, blindness or blurred vision, chest pain, discomfort, chill or cold sweats, confusion, difficulty in breathing, fainting, pounding or faster heart beats, itching or skin rashes, vomiting are less common which requires immediate medical help or call emergency services.

Some side effects do not need medical attention as they are common while you take any medicines. Consult your doctor to get advice on how can you minimize such side effects.  You should just check with your physician in case you experience any of the below side effects while using Levitra.

These include, sour stomach, bloody nose, burning chest or stomach, change in vision or colour vision, cough or congestion, difficult night vision or movement or swallowing.

You must discuss with the physician about the precautions to be taken during the sexual activities while you are on Levitra as it may increase the stress on heart.


As Levitra is used as needed dosing schedule is not required to be followed.

In case of overdose, seek immediate help or call emergency services.

In all, Levitra is a lot safer over the counter drug with its shorter duration of action and low profile of side effects. But it is always advisable to clear any doubts ask your doctor, if you have any!